How to get more view to your profile

This guide will show you How to get more view to your profile

Most business owners who have a digital presence want to increase their following, so they need some help. So in this short post we will explain how to do it with a few simple methods. It is also important to understand that this guide addresses all business owners, even if you are not an influencer. So let’s get started

First step create a profile on the qodaa bio page

The reason you need a bio page is because it allows you to promote your profile on one page, so you can always send people directly to your page. Your page can provide links to social networks, websites, and more. This is your own good place. To build your bio page for free, click here to build in the qodaa system

Step 2, spread the link in the bio you created, on social networks

To start getting recognition and more people to view your profile, put the link on your bio page on social networks, you can add your link to your email signature, so that every time you send an email, everyone will see your page. Also add the link in your WhatsApp, and don’t forget to add the link especially on social networks, for example Tiktok, and Instagram. LinkedIn

How does one link help you get everything?

In most social networks, it is possible to add only one link, and this makes it difficult for business owners and influencers, because there is usually more information from websites that they want to share. And it’s not enough that social networks like Tiktok or Instagram only allow you to add a single link. Therefore, with your special link that you created in qodaa, you will be able to solve this problem, and not only that.

Get more exposure to your profile this way

When you created your bio link through qodaa, you automatically get access to be in the directory of the qodaa site. u and it allows you to get unlimited exposure. Here’s how it works. There are people who are looking for people and they can find their profile page by search term, for example if someone is looking for a dog trainer, he will find him through the directory page on the qodaa website. Therefore, it saves time and allows the owner of the qodaa bio page to be promoted and published, and to receive unlimited exposure. There are also many collaborations that can be done this way.

So what do you need to do to get more people to your profile?

It’s simple, follow all the instructions I wrote in this post, such as creating a new account on and opening a bio page for yourself. Then spread your bio link on social networks. And you will also get the option to be in the qodaa page directors and you will get more exposure. So that’s all. Simple and easy. All that matters now is that you start. So see you next time, and hope this tutorial post helped you.

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