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Use Jorovo the powerful
social proof tool on any platform..

Integrate with more than 80 of the most recognized platforms in the world. with one click of a button.

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Get more leads and sales, in less time and money.

This is the time not to miss a single visitor to your website, your store. From now on you can get everyone's attention. Easily with the powerful persuasive tool.

Increase trust for your New visitors

It has already been scientifically proven, according to national marketers, that the chance that a person will purchase or join a mailing list is related to the credibility the business already has. Through the jorovo' tool you can increase the trust of new visitors, who do not know or are sure about your business. And they will soon develop trust through reviews, people who have purchased from you.

Automation for your website is the key to success.

Here's how it works: every time a visitor enters your website, they will see a message that you choose in advance. There are several notifications you can choose from,

Easy setup & integration on any website.

If you have a store on Shopify or a website on Wix or any other platform, you can work with jorovo' easy installation by pasting a short code.

Here is a part of live Notification Preview that you can choose..

to any action.

pro +

This can be done on a purchase and also on registration for a landing page (leads) and sales

Conversion by sales volume

pro +

Displays the amount purchased in the last 24 hours


pro +

Shows visitors the reviews {builds trust)


Fully customizable informational message for your users.


pro +

The best way to let your users know that you are running a sale.

Email Collector

Easily collect emails and generate leads from your users.

And much more...

You can enjoy 10 unique notifications, which you can create & customize to increase your website's growth by using jorovo notification widgets.

Simple plan.

Get 3 days money back guarantee, on all plans. without risk.

Choose a plan for just what you need, upgrade anytime with one click.


For a starting business, not interested in all the full features!

$ 29

Everything in Basic


For those who want to grow, fast, an automatic sales and leads machine. With all the full features.

Best seller!
$ 79

Everything in Basic, plus:


To increase visitor capacity, and start-up agencies that are ready for the next step..

$ 149

Everything in Pro, plus:


For agencies and large websites that want large volumes.

$ 659

Everything in Advanced, plus:

Best for people like you.


You provide services of any kind, the jorovo tool is going to help you close more deals.


One of the strengths of an agency is to generate leads and sales in a quality way

Business owners

Whether you provide a product or a service, to generate more leads and sales you need a tool to help you grow. And jorovo is the tool for you


Do you have a software company? or service? Probably more demos will happen thanks to the use of the jorovo tool. Save money and time and get more leads and sales


do you sell on shopify? It's time to take advantage of the conversions of your sales, it's an excellent tool through which you can easily increase the amount of sales.

Marketing funnels and landing pages

Are you using landing pages and trying to convert more leads to business? Or use sales funnels? It's time to start powering up your entire system by adding jorovo to your toolbox to complete your business.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free version of jorovo?

Yes, you get a 3 day trial, on all our plans. If you choose not to continue with us, that's perfectly fine. Just email the support team, and we'll refund you

Can I run jorovo on my website now?

Yes indeed, Once you have logged into the system, You can run jorovo on your website. It's just one action and you have the tool running on your website

Can this jorovo work on any website?

Absolutely yes. The tool will work on any page you define. If you use platforms or even have a website, app, The tool can work for you.

Is the payment monthly?

Yes. But you can also do an annual and save money.

If I decided I want to stop is it possible?

Definitely, We do not hold you by force. We believe in success and service. If you feel you don't want to continue, just click a button in the system to cancel your subscription. Also, all the data of your history will be deleted.

Which pricing plan is right for me?

It's easy, if you have under 1000 visitors per month And you don't want to use the full features such as: conversion, coupons, etc. So you can definitely choose the basic package. But if you have over 1000 visitors per month and you are interested in all the full features, we recommend you choose the pro package, or higher.

Can I upgrade whenever I want?

Definitely. You set your plan, If you think you need more, just upgrade with the click of a button. We do not charge you according to usage but only according to the plan you set for yourself. For example, you chose a pro plan, so you will only pay what you set. and no more.

What happens if I have reached the program limit?

Simply, the system will stop working, and renew itself again a month later, At any time you can also upgrade your package. The reason we don't charge you for the limit is so you can control the payment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards through PayPal. This method may change in the future.

Get started with jorovo today.

Get more leads and sales in less time and money. It only takes 60 seconds to turn any website into a conversion machine..

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